Which type of mattress should I buy, Coil Spring or Pocket Spring?

Coil Spring and Pocket Spring are two common types of mattresses for kids beds, but what are the differences and which one should you buy?

Coil Spring mattresses are connected together and constructed using a single piece of wire that is coiled into springs. The quality and durability of a coil spring mattress can be affected by factors such as the gauge or size of the wire used, the number of coils, and the number of turns in each coil.

Pocket Spring mattresses, on the other hand, use individual metal springs that are encased in their own fabric pockets. Each spring is able to move independently, which allows them to respond to pressure and weight more precisely and provide greater support to contour to the body more effectively and provide more personalised support. 

Pocket spring mattresses are more expensive because of the additional manufacturing costs and materials needed to produce the individual pockets for each spring.