High Sleeper Beds: Ideal Ages & Benefits

A High Sleeper Bed is a raised single bed with an area underneath for storage, a desk or even a gaming station. High Sleeper Beds are suitable for kids age 6 and over until late teens.
They are similar to a bunk bed but with just the top bunk and a space below. Similar to mid sleeper or cabin beds, high sleeper beds maximise space vertically. See a list of items available to add on: 
  • Classic high sleeper beds are great affordable and flexible option for any kids bedroom. Classic children's loft beds are a high frame with an empty space below. This is perfect for adding additional storage or a freestanding desk.
  • High sleeper beds with desks are a great option for older children or teens looking for a place to study. Most of our high sleeper beds have fitted desks however there are a few which come with a moveable desk. Explore our collection of sleeper beds with desks to find the perfect one for you.
  • Storage high sleepers are a great space saving bed for any children's room. With integrated shelving and even built in wardrobes these beds can be a great option for keeping that room tidy and maximising the space you do have.
  • High sleeper beds with sofa beds are a great way to maximise space whilst adding another bed is a sleeper bed with sofa bed or futon. This is a great option for sleepovers as the handy sofa bed pulls out into a single bed. The great thing about the loft bed with futon is that it doesn’t take up the full length of the bed allowing for additional storage or even a desk for studying. 
  • High Sleeper Beds for gaming are the perfect option for the young gamer in your life. These beds have been especially adapted to create the perfect gaming setup underneath your loft bed. The full length desk allows for multiple screens and even space for your console or PC tower.