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Teen Bed Sizes

The size of teen beds differs to meet specific preferences and takes into account factors such as age, room space, and potential growth spurts. Below are the essential measurements to consider:

  • Single Beds (UK = 90cm wide x 190cm long. Continental = 200cm long)
  • Small Double (UK = 120cm wide x 190cm long. Continental = 200cm long)
  • Double Beds (UK = 135cm wide x 190cm long. Continental = 200cm long)

Teen Beds Types

Teen Beds with Storage

  • Ottoman Lift Beds, Perfect For Storage: the whole bed base is a storage container and more space than beds with drawers or divan beds. The mattress lifts safely and with ease for quick access by using a hydraulic system.  
  • with drawers or shelves.
  • with wardrobe to hang clothes or store items.

Teen Bed Frames

There is a selection of materials to help you pick an aesthetic for your room, including options like wood, metal, fabric, and leather.

Teen Bed Materials

  • Wooden Kids’ Beds: Natural Choice.

A durable, long-lasting and aesthetic choice that provides a natural, traditional look. 

  • Metal Kids’ Beds: Versatile Style

Works with a variety of different styles and allows for a modern look with minimal effort.

  • Fabric Kids’ Beds: True Comfort

Are upholstered in fabric and made from linen, velvet, or cotton. Add to your room a touch of style from their luxurious appearance.