Considerations when buying a bed for your toddler, kids or teenager

We understand that choosing a bed for your child can be very overwhelming. Bed height, safety features and durability are just some of the things you have to consider. Millie & Jones are here to help! Here are our tips for buying that perfect bed so you can shop with confidence.

One size doesn't fit all

There is no golden rule for when your child should move from a cot into a full bed, but it's mostly between 18 months and three years old. The most important thing to consider is safety, especially for younger children who have a tendency to move around a lot. 

Safety is Key

If you're buying for a toddler it's essential to purchase a bed with safety rails on each side, even if the bed is fairly low to the ground. Toddlers are prone to wriggling around in the night, so this is a must. It's also important to consider mattress height - we recommend a maximum mattress depth of 16 centimetres with any bed that is high off the ground. This gives an added level of safety to help prevent your child rolling over the top of the safety rails.

Kids are often bumping into things, so it's a good idea to buy a bed that has rounded corners and flat drawer handles to prevent painful shin knocks when climbing into bed!

Lastly, opt for wide ladder steps, which will give your child added foot stability when climbing in and out of bed.


We all know that kids can be messy and grubby fingers manage to find their way on most surfaces throughout the house! We suggest choosing a bed that is easy to wipe clean and is made from a sturdy material, such as wood or metal, to withstand daily wear and tear.


Does your child have a lot of toys? Do you have much space to store bed sheets and towels? Storage is definitely one to consider when choosing a bed. If your child's room is on the smaller side, a storage bed is a perfect option. For teens, go for one with ample drawers and a pull out desk, perfect for homework time.  


A lot of our beds are adaptable and will grow with your kids. Choosing a bunk bed that can be split into single beds, is a great investment as it's perfect for when one sibling is ready to move into their own room.