Collection: GAMING BEDS

A gaming bed for kids can be the perfect option for enthusiastic gamers or for teenagers looking for a place to call their own, turn any bedroom into a comfortable and stylish gaming room.

Our selection of the best gaming beds are perfectly set up for gamers with a large full length desk, perfect for multiple monitors and storage below for either a PC tower or console. Most of our kids gaming beds also come with LED under lighting and wireless charging that allows you to stay recharged whilst you game. 


What is a gaming bed?  

A gaming bed is a purpose built bed that incorporate an area for a games console or PC gaming setup. Gaming beds come in many styles such as higher beds or low beds. We have found the most functional gaming beds are the high sleeper gaming beds.

High sleeper or loft gaming beds have a bed on top and then a dedicated desk below for multiple screens and a games console or monitor. 

Many of the best gaming beds also feature remote controlled LED lighting making for an epic gaming setup. Our range of gaming beds for boys and gaming beds for girls are suitable for kids over 6 years old. This due to the height of the bed being a safety concern for younger kids. Gaming beds are perfect for teenagers who are looking for their own space and love gaming!

Best gaming beds for kids

The best gaming bed for you will depend on a number of different factors including; what space you have, what budget you have and what your gaming setup is.

We offer a range of gaming beds for kids for all budgets from the loftpod gaming bed to the noah console gaming bed. If you are looking for a larger gaming bed we would suggest the lofpod gaming bed. This has a larger small double bed which would make a great gaming bed for teens as they grow.

What to look for in a kids gaming bed?

  • Highsleeper gaming beds provide a lot of room for both gaming and sleeping
  • A comfy mattress is a must to rest that tired head after your gaming session
  • A desk to put monitors, Tv screens and your games console 
  • Space for your computer or gaming chair 
  • If the bed has an additional extras such as LED lighting or wireless charging 
  • Additional storage options is a must for a tidy room